Friday, November 16, 2007

So I was finally able to get the Halloween pics to download! Something is seriously wrong with our Internet, it's driving me crazy! Anyways the kids had a blast on Halloween! Caden had his school party, he was a power ranger, he's never seen that show, but that was the costume he was set on. I wanted to have the twins be pebbles and bam bam, but since life is so crazy with three little ones, I ran out of time so I ran to Target and picked up a dragon and pumpkin costume, and they both loved it! All three kids wore their costumes non stop for weeks! Caden had a blast trick or treating this year. It was great to be in a real neighborhood to trick or treat in. We had about 175 kids knock on our door, it was crazy, but a lot of fun. The kids each took turns passing out the candy, that might have even been the highlight of the day for all three of them! As you can see the day was just exhausting for Caden!


RichFamily said...

Your kids are so cute. I can't believe how big they are already! When are you guys coming back out to Utah?

shae :) said...

They looked like they had so much fun! Once in awhile Karlie will still bring up Caden's name, she misses him. To bad we can't go to Ut for Christmas and meet up.