Friday, March 28, 2008

Potty Training Twins!

Kylee on her little potty
Brandon the big boy!

The coveted underwear

So I thought that this would be my worst nightmare! My twins have been ready for quite some time, their mother wasn't so sure she was ready for the messes, two messes! But I finally made the decision that it was time and just went for it. So on a Thursday night we went to Target, bought them underwear (he had to have Thomas and Lighting his two favorite characters, and she my little ponies and princess underwear, naturally her favorite.) and bribe toys. Kylee got Sleeping Beauty barbie and he got a dragon. I was set! I had plenty of snacks, drinks and lots of paper towels and cleaner!
Much to my surprise, Brandon only had one accident the first day and one the next, and hasn't had one since! Tomorrow will be a week with no accidents for him, even at night and nap time! yeah! Could I have asked for an easier time...I think not! Kylee was a little more difficult, but that being said she was still easier than Caden was, and I thought he was fast! She took most of the first day before she made it to the toilet, and so I dragged out the little potty cause she refused to sit on the big toilet. Once I did that, and let her do it "herself" She's only had two accidents since last Saturday! I'm in heaven. I knew that if I was going to contemplate having any more kids something with the twins would have to be easy! After all that rambling, the point is I am now diaper free!!!!!!!!! Almost five years of straight diaper changing and now I'm free! I think I need a party!


RichFamily said...

Congrats! Potty training is one of the things I'm not looking forward to!

Loni said...

Hooray! You do deserve a party!!

Dan, Lydia, Kaitlyn said...

I have to say I am a bit jealous of the diaper free Ellis house! Kaitlyn finally got potty trained just after Makenzie was I've got at least another 2 years of diaper changing (but at least I got to go back to the not so stinky poops)

O and I just noticed your going private note, when you do be sure to invite me.

Melissa Tate said...

Yes, this definately deserves a party! It went really smooth for you, congrats.

shae :) said...

Congratulations! How wonderful, I can't wait for Nathan to be done, I haven't started training him yet, but he likes to go in the potty, so hopefully soon.
I can't believe how cold it is still there! Poor girl, I don't think I could handle it. Do you still have snow? Well I hope sun and warm comes your way soon.