Thursday, May 29, 2008

Following in the Oberg footsteps...

On my mothers side of the family there are some major gardeners! And I'm not talking your average gardens you've seen around either! Between my Grandma and my aunt they have greenhouses bigger than my house and three huge fields of gardens! It's truly amazing and it's their passion. My mom would say that she does nothing compared to them, but her garden is probably triple what any normal person would dream of planting, in fact she just expanded this spring! Since I've moved away I sure have missed summer time when you can just go and pick fresh produce anytime you like, have wonderful fresh salads and Grannie's beef stew! So since I now have a house and a yard big enough to start my own little garden, this year I'm giving it a go! Now my garden this year is small 9x8. Even still I can't tell you what I've put into that little space! I had to rip the grass out for my space and that was one crazy workout! We have awful clay dirt here so I had to mix in all sorts of compost and dirt (called Grannie on that one and she definitely is the go to person on anything gardening!) That took a good day! The planting didn't take too long and I'm already seeing my radishes and lettuce come up! It brings such feelings of joy when you see something you did growing! So starting small this year, I planted tomatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, onions, radishes, cucumbers and lettuce! When Holly is here next summer I think we'll expand some so she can get in on the fun with me!

My cute little garden all freshly planted!
My tomatoes!

I just love flowers and didn't have to do much work in this department! The previous owner had planted tons of perennials everywhere! I have a pioni (sp?) bush about to bloom, I'll have to post those pics when they do!

More tulips!


Tina said...

Katie! Oh, I loved seeing pictures of your cute garden and flowers...and I'm totally where you are at right first year gardening, and discovering that maybe I really am an Oberg grandchild!? I am loving it! Clyda dropped me off all sorts of tomatoes and veggies a few weeks ago to plant and I am in heaven watching them all's SO fun!!

Melissa Tate said...

Look how demostic you are. I'm so impressed! Just kidding. Isn't having a house fun? I love all the the garden, even though I don't have one. I envy those willing to try. Miss ya!

Lydia said...

Wow, I am definately impressed! My mom always had a garden when I was growing up, but I don't think I could pull it off without some major help. I am pretty good at neglecting and killing plants.

I'm jealous of the salad you have growing in your back yard, and those tulips are so beautiful!

Amy & Dan said...

I love your Tulips. Totally jealous over here, all I want is to try out my gardening skills someday