Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hair Trauma!

So I have been in need of a haircut, since my last one was in December when I went to Alaska! I wanted to keep my length since it's been awhile since my hair has been long enough to ALL fit in a ponytail, I just have thick hair so I wanted some layers to lighten it up some and give me volume. So I go to the salon(one recommended by a friend, I'm a little picky so it makes me nervous) show the girl the picture of the haircut I wanted. Now I'm not complaining about the haircut in general, she did do a great job. I was in complete shock cause it was way shorter than I wanted and now I'm back to only half up do's and doing my hair everyday or else it looks scary! I'll admit I cried! At first I was criticising the haircut thinking it was choppy cause of course she styled it different than I would have and with layers this short flipped out hair, looks just that, flipped out and not so good! I couldn't sleep that night(sad I know it's just hair get over it Katie!). By the next morning after my run I did my hair thinking what is it going to look like, and it turned out just fine! Still wish it was longer, I think that is why I was not liking it at first cause it's not exactly what I wanted, but hair grows and their is not point crying over it! So below are my After and Before pics. backwards I know and they were taken with the web cam and the one of me by myself not so good, but it gives the idea!

The short hair back again!

Alittle fuzzy, web cam pic but you can see it was past my shoulders:(


Amy & Dan said...

I really honestly love it!! It looks super great on you. :)

Megan said...

Great hair Katie! But, I will admit that Ive always been partial to short hair on anyone! I love it!

Anonymous said...

It really is cute. But I know how you feel. It takes forever to grow hair out sometimes. But, you look adorable!

kylance said...

You look great as always! I hate hair sometimes though, don't you?! I mean, if the hair isn't working, than it just ruins everything...or maybe that's just me :) Anyway, congrats on the treadmill and grill! So fun! And your kids are so funny and entertaining obviously!