Monday, April 28, 2008

Tantrums, funny kids, and new toys!

So Kylee is the typical girl, moody. Most things that don't go her way, the pictures below describe what usually happens. This time it was turning off Enchanted to come eat dinner! Trauma I know right!? Don't get me wrong, my boys have their moments but not near as often or dramatic as hers!
Time to calm down and beg for comfort!
My kids have discovered something new and them anyways! Ryan rolls them up into this blanket and they try to wiggle their way out of it! It's really funny to watch. They get really upset if they can't figure it out in like 2 seconds!

Caden figured it out pretty quick and just rolls out of it, so he now watches the twins squirm with me and Ryan!
And lastly I just love bonus time! This year we've decided to put most of it towards savings and food storage...follow the prophet right?! So we stalked up Saturday and I now feel much more prepared if anything were to happen. We did set aside some money to play with and with that said my new toy... a treadmill! I have been wanting one for some time and I am in heaven! I do love going to the gym and still will for my killer Jillian workout!(biggest looser trainer!) But it's sure nice to know that now when my kids are sick or we have appointments, I can still get my run in ! Or days like today I couldn't sleep in so I got up and ran, showered and ready before the kids woke up! What a great feeling! We also got a new grill and are excited to break it in this weekend!
So don't mind the nasty pic of me, no one looks good after a run!


Bowdy and Stephanie said...

What a fun post! I am so happy you got a treadmill! I bet it feels good to have one of those around close by. Love your tantrum girl! Good thing she is super cute to make up for it! I love my time too! Love to see you when you come in July! If I recall your family doesn't live too far from where I live. I don't know for sure but it would be fun to see you!

Mark and Meghan said...

i'm not ready for the tantrums...claire is gratefully not old enough yet...but compared to porter (who is an angel child) i'm sure i'm in for it.

and i LOVE the treadmill's so nice to workoug while the kids are asleep...

Tina said...

Well, I'm not too excited for you about your tantrum throwing child (though turning off Enchanted for dinner? I might have to side with her...jk!), but that treadmill looks awesome...and so do you! Even after a run! How exciting!