Saturday, May 17, 2008

Running, Camping, and GOOD Weather!

So me and Ryan ran races today! Yeah for us! Ryan ran the 5k and I ran the 10k. We had goals in mind Ryan's being 22:30 and Mine was under 55 min. We both beat our goals! It's very exciting I beat mine by 4 min! I finished in 51 min. So then it makes me want to run another one to see if I could beat that! I should just be satisfied, elated cause I blew my goal out of the water! I am very thrilled, but now I just want to see if I can just finish a little faster. Ryan finished in 22:20 so he beat his as well, and he too wants to see if he could do better. He asked me if in a few weeks I'd want to do another race...of course! I have done two half marathons, which I like. One I did by myself and the other I ran with my cousin Amy. Both were good experiences, but when I do one again, running with someone is much more fun! I truly have no desire to do a full, with that said if you like to run I think the 10k is the perfect distance for a race without a lot of training involved! I had a blast! Oh yeah it sure helped that the weather was absolutely perfect for running!
So the boys went camping last weekend for a Father Son camp out, so Kylee got to have a late over with her good little friend Haylie while the wives went out to a movie and dinner! She thought it was so much fun to go to her friends in her PJ's.. how cute!

The boys had the best time camping! They played in the woods, ate smores, stayed up late and slept like babies curled up next to their dad!(he on the other hand didn't sleep so well, and had a BIG nap when he came home) They informed me that we need to do this every weekend! Although we do plan on camping some this summer, I don't think it will be that excessive!

I look out my kitchen window to see this! First I had to make sure it was my child. Yes it is so then the camera. We live behind the elementary so we have the fields literally in our backyard. Caden thought that the soccer goal looked like a fun thing to climb. What a funny kid!

Another climbing surface! This kid is into climbing things and being very daring! Boys will be boys!

Kylee and Brandon love to climb up the slide, count to three then go down backwards bumping into each other. I just love watching my cute kids play together. Especially when they are getting along! We have sure enjoyed the nice weather and hardly spent a minute inside. I guess the upside to having long winters is taking full advantage of the warm weather! The ONLY downside is that my kids get so filthy, so baths every night are a must! In the winter we could get away with skipping a day. No complaints though, warm weather is worth the extra effort at bedtime!


RichFamily said...

That's great that you beat your goal. A 10k sounds like pretty much a marathon to me! That's neat that you both do it together.

Tina said...

Way to run! You guys are awesome...and SO fast! yeah, after my half-mar, I was SO ready to do another one and get a better time...and since then, weeks have gone by with NO running...I'm bad! But a 10k does sound doable with a lot less training! You've inspired me! :) Oh, and I love that picture of Caden on the goalpost/net! So funny!