Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Oberg trait creeping up on me...

So as I was a kid growing up I always said how I would NEVER yell at my kids the way my mom and my aunts yelled at their kids.The Obergs are very well known for their loud voices(Ryan always knows when I'm talking to my mom cause he can hear her loud and clear, from the other side of the room!) But I think my cousins will agree, as we have talked about his before, they are also known among us for their little freak outs at their kids. Which was something I vowed to never do... Yet I find myself falling into their footsteps when I've had it with my kids I just loose it sometimes. Then I always kick myself in the pants for acting like a fool, yelling at kids that just stare at me like I need to take a chill pill. I'm sure it would be so funny to set up video camera's so I could really see what I looked like when I've hit the fan, I'm sure that would cure me from yelling at a 5 year old and 2 three year olds!:) I don't know if any of my cousins have this trait sneaking up on them, if not they are lucky, and I'm vowing to work on it!
P.S. Our mothers were the best mothers, not to make you think they were scary ladies. They just lost their cool every now and then and to us it was funny, which would make them even more mad in turn making it even more funny, and that's how it is with my kids. Which is why I think if I watched myself, I'm sure that I would laugh too. I guess sometimes it's just hard to escape what your made of. Although I'm bound and determined to get rid of this one! This could go under one of those slacker mom confessions, cause I do go through periods where I'm really good with the time outs and keeping my cool and being the "good mom". I guess that's why we are here, to become a better person/mom!

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