Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Visits!

I'll start the post with "the picture", you know the one I love so much to take... So this is me at 25 weeks and I'm feeling rather large. I felt like I was doing good and then all of the sudden the weight started packing on. I haven't changed any habits or anything, it's just the gestational diabetes creeping up on me and it sucks! Like the swelling is starting if I sit too long, or after I workout my hands are like twice the size! Oh the joys of pregnancy, not my favorite at all. And for all of you that love it...something I don't want to hear! As much as I really wish I could enjoy being pregnant, as my best friend Tara said to me today, it's one of the worst things I've experienced! I have to agree, but the outcome is the best and most wonderful thing that I have experienced so in the end it's well worth it! Especially now knowing that I don't have to do this ever again! Hooray!

So I got a great surprise and my grandparents and 2 of my aunts came to visit us for a few days! I was so excited! I just love my family, and it was so fun to catch up take them around and laugh alot at our crazy fun family memories.( Like my previous post about being loud and the freak out moms. My favorite was when Aunt Clyda said how she "gets upset when Olivia tells her to calm down before she's even riled up". Love it! We had a great time. My grandpa's birthday is Saturday so we went out to eat to celebrate! Aren't my grandparents cute? Not to mention little Brandon?!?!
Aunt Clyda, Me, Holly and Aunt Linda after a delicious dinner!

One day we went to the Mall of America(poor grandpa) and took the kids on a few rides since they had been so goo as we walked around the mall. Since I'm big and prego they wouldn't let me on some of the rides so Linda and Clyda took them! I think the kids liked that much better anyway!

Caden excited for the ride!

Brandon and Clyda trying to figure how to get Blue to go up and down.

These are just pictures from the other day. The boys were playing together so well. They are best buds, it's really cute who well Caden plays with his younger brother. He's very protective and never tries to "ditch" him. I hope it lasts!

Same time as the above picture, Kylee didn't have a nap and just couldn't make it to bed time! This girl is like her mom and loves her sleep!


Amy said...

Your such a cute pregnant girl!!

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

Hi darling!!!

Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun!! and your hair is so blond!!! I love it! Did I tell you I am going short? I can't wait. So no elle yet and I am one cranky girl, that is why I haven't spoken to anyone:) I am not the funnest to talk to:) But I can't wait to see you next weekend we are going to have a blast! Love you


Tina said...

I am so jealous that my mom and Clyda got to visit you and mom said they had SO much fun with you and your cute kids and your nice house!! And we haven't even see grannie and grandpa yet!? I guess our turn will come as soon as they're done road tripping...who knows when that will be though!? :)