Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school for all my kids! Can you even believe it?! Tuesday Caden had orientation (non stripped shirt) where we took him met the teacher and put his supplies away. Then today was the big day where he got to ride the bus and go off into the world without me! He was so excited, he tried to go wait for the bus an hour before it was to come, How cute! It's amazing how fast time flies by and all of the sudden you're sending your kids to school! As soon as he got off the bus he told me he couldn't wait until tomorrow.

The twins started preschool as well and couldn't hardly wait for Caden to leave so I could take them. Kylee was a little disappointed that she wasn't riding a bus to school, but got over it soon enough.
Kylee's first day grin!

Brandon trying to smile... oh well. And notice the road rash...nice we have pictures on Saturday. I guess it will be memories. Ryan wanted me to reschedule, but first, I don't have another day to do it, and I figured it could be a fun memory!

Anxiously waiting to go in, not really wanting to stop for this picture.

Kylee ready for school, quit taking pictures mom!

Brandon was a little more hesitant, but followed his sister in and stayed by her side for a few minutes until he spotted the dinosaurs...much more exciting than dolls!


Tina said...

Ohmygosh, your kids are so adorable, all ready to go to school! That's so funny how excited Caden is for school...waiting for the school bus to come. He is too precious!

Anonymous said...

Wow your kids are getting big. They are beautiful too!