Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Minnesota State Fair!

Last week we decided to make the trip to the state fair. We went last year, on a Saturday(mind you I was really sick, so stupid) where I've never encountered more people in my life! So Ryan was not about to do it again. One of the families in the ward invited us along so that I could have some help with the kids. Cause lets be honest, I wouldn't have dared tried to go by myself, but I really wanted to take the kids so it worked out perfect! The kids had a blast, eating LOTS of food and seeing all the animals. Caden loved the rides while we tried to calm the twins down,cause they were too small for ALL of them:( My kids love the Murray's (fam we went with) so they were so well behaved! It was the best day at the fair a mother could ask for. For all you Alaskans, this fair is out of control! I'm not sure size wise, but as far as attendance it's the biggest state fair in the nation! Even on a gloomy day in the middle of the week, there were more people than you could imagine! P.S middle pic, deep fried Spam curds? who comes up with these sick things, gross!

This next set of pics may bore some, and it's mainly for those who ever did 4H or have been to the AK state fair barn. I could not get over how many animals were at the fair! They had a separate barn for each breed of animal, and most of the barns were at least half if not 2/3 the size of the barn in AK. The showing and auction arena for the cows and steers as you can see is a full on arena! They had a whole barn for dairy cows! do we even show dairy cows in AK? Their sheep were HUGE! I tired to capture it in the pic, but I don't know if it did it any justice. And just for fun I added Minnesota's largest boar, 1240 pounds!

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Tina said...

I LOVE fairs...and it sounds like that was an awesome one! And it looks like your kids had a blast! And yes, you totally need to move back to Utah!! I'll be here forever...:)