Monday, November 3, 2008

WHAT THE...!!!!!

So today I had one of those days and one of those days at Wal-Mart no less! Now I'm not that fond of shopping there, but needless to say I do cause it really does save me a lot of money. Our Super Wal-Mart is 20 minutes away, so when I go I do some serious shopping so that I only have to go once a month. So I get Caden on the bus and load the twins up in the car, and drive the 20 minutes to Wal-Mart. Unload them in that dad gum heavy cart that sits the 2 in front, and push it around the store. Of course they fought pulling hair and all the little things kids like to bug each other about when they are in each other's bubble. So after shopping for over an hour I go to check out and get everything loaded back into the cart and hand the cashier the credit card. I had Ryan's since I had a tantrum once with controlling the budget so I cut mine up:) Anyways I've done it many time since then so I didn't think using it again would cause a problem. Plus I am on the account. The cashier asks to see the card and then proceeds to tell me..
Cashier: I'm sorry but you can't use your husbands card.
Me: I've done it before, plus I'm on the account
Cashier: It's our new policy since we've had a lot of ex wives run up a bill on their ex's cards so I can't let you use it.
Cashier behind her: Just let her use it you've already rung her up, no big deal she's just getting groceries.
Cashier: Well, I don't want to get into trouble I can't allow you to, you can talk to my manager!
Me: That's fine I just want to get my groceries and go home.
So she gets all huffy looking for the customer service manager and he walks over and then tells me...
CSM: Sorry I just can't let you use the card.
ME: Can't we call my husband, he gave me the card for this very purpose! Or call the credit card company, I'm on the account.
CSM: No we can't accept a call, and if your on the account don't you have a card? (said very rudely I might add)
Me: No I don't have a card at the moment that is why I have my husbands.
CSM: Exactly! Well sorry there is nothing I can do for you
Of course now I'm crying cause I've spent all this time driving, shopping dealing with 2 three year olds and now I'm leaving with nothing! I was so infuriated and embarrassed. As we walked out Holly offered to pay, she walked up at the end and was trying to figure out what was going on, but at that point I was an emotional mess and so mad that I just had to get out. Of course as I was leaving I thought that I should have asked for the store manager, having worked there I know that I could have used that card if I'd asked for him, but it seems I always think of things after the fact. On top of it I had a headache and this whole situation made it worse! I've never been so humiliated in my life. Basically I was accused of being divorced and trying to steal from my ex! HELLO I have 2 little kids with me and a huge belly and I'm buying a cart full of groceries. If I was that bitter ex I think I'd be buying better things than Cheerios and fruit snacks, and hot dogs! So I called Ryan crying cause I was mad ( and hey I'm prego so the emotions are all over the place). An hour later I get a call from the store manager who profusely apologized for his employees behavior and their poor management of the situation, and told me when I came back there would be a gift card waiting for me. ( I have such a nice husband who stands up for me! I guess he raised quite a fuss for me...) So after Ryan got home we went back and I shopped ALL over again and when I checked out the gift card was for 60 bucks! I was expecting maybe thirty so he definitely mad a bad situation good cause really it wasn't the stores fault just the two stupid emloyees, but I never want to go through that experience again! As we were checking out Ryan said that after walking around that store (mind you much shorter time cause we had no kids) that if they would have done that to him he would have raised hell! I wish sometimes I was more like him, instead of my non confrontational self... I have such a love hate relationship with Wal-Mart! I love it cause it is sooo cheap, but hate to shop there with all the people, hate it cause it brings back memories of working there in high school, and hate it now cause of this incident!


Lydia said...

Oh dear Katie, that is awful! I don't even think $60 was enough to make up for driving out there 2 times, shopping with the kids, and then shopping again, but I guess I'm a brat. I would have totally cried (and probably pitched a huge fit) and I'm not even pregnant. But good for Ryan for sticking up for you

lori said...

I just did the same thing yesterday (stocked up at Wal-Mart for like an hour so I won't have to go back for a while) and I definately would have cried if that had happened in the end! I can feel your frustrations!

Tina said...

ohmygosh...that story is amazing! I totally would have cried too!! Talk about traumatic!? And ridiculous!? What idiot least you got $60 out of it though and admitted they were idiots...way to go!!

RichFamily said...

I am so I can just imagine the anger and embarrasment. I have had a few run-in's like that, but none to that extreme!! That's awesome you got the gift card out of it. It does pay to have a husband that will stand up for you. :)

Sandy said...

Wow, that does not sound like a good time...I would have definitely been crying too...I hate confrontation like that!! Way to go Ryan, though! What a great husband you have :-)