Friday, October 24, 2008

My kid free trip home!

Well at least kid free from my little munchkins! I did spend a lot of time with the cutest baby ever, Elle! And my little sisters, although when I refer to kids it would mean 5 and younger:)

I had such a good time visiting with my family and the Hillis'( which they practically are family!). We hung out, held the baby, watched Hanna play volleyball,( some anyways, I could rant about that for along time, but I'll spare you the long version. The short is she is really good, but the coach doesn't seem to notice since she didn't play all that much, and the girls he did play sucked!)ate food and most of all I got good sleep!

It was so much fun to see my best friend as a mom! She is the cutest mom ever and her little girl is so sweet! It makes me wish I lived up there even more! I feel like I've been the only one with kids for a long time so it's fun to see someone I'm so close to go through life's new challenges as a mom. And she handles it like a pro! You would think she'd been doing it for years! Now I just can't wait for my little girl to come out!

Sunday we had a big dinner with everyone and it was fun to see my cousins and their kids! Daisy is the cutest smallest little girl! I just wanted to squish her! Avery is hilarious and she was sporting a new dew, she found out what scissors are really for! Although, Lori did a very good job of hiding it with her cute little braids!

The day I left we went into Anchorage and went out to eat at Red Robin ( I think it's Sadie's fav) and we bumped into my uncle Dave and my cousin Scott and his wife Heather with their little twin boys. They are so cute! Then we decided to test out our bowling skills! Me and my dad were neck and neck and by golly I was not going to let him beat me! I pulled it off in the end with a strike so I beat him by 20! Yeah! Then it was off to the airport to head back home. I was starting to miss my kids some, a few more days would have been nice, but now it's back to the day to day! I actually babysat this week and last (before I left) for a friend who watches kids in her home and all I can say is no thanks! They were good kids, but I couldn't do anything that I was used to doing and having 5 kids under 5 is not my idea of fun! The extra money was nice, but if I ever had to make money, I'd find another way! Bless all of you you do watch kids on a regular basis! It's hard work! Well that's it for now, Ryan is out of town this weekend, Caden starts swim lessons again, and we have our ward trunk or treat, so I'll post more later!

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Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

hi sunshine!!! It was so fun to see you! You are the bestest friend any girl could ask for! I am so lucky to have you! I can't wait for your little girl to get here and we really need to get you up here! I would be the happiest girl ever!!! Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!