Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grandma Visits!

Yeah, Grandma was able to come visit us the middle of February! The kids were so excited to see her, and boy did they wear her out, at least mentally I think. Now I know my kids ask ALOT of questions, but until she was here little did I know their potential at how many questions could be asked in one day!I just keep telling myself that it's a good thing, it means they want to learn...

Kylee loved having Grandma here cause she was able to do a lot of Brooke holding. More than I have let her. With the extra adult to keep an eye on things it made it easier. Aren't my girls just adorable?
There's no trip like a trip to IKEA. My mom had never been so we went and I was in NEED, well just a really nice want of some bedside tables. So we walked around took in all the lovely sights and great decorating ideas and got my tables! We became builders and sort of raced to see who could finish theirs first. I did, but only cause my mom spent like 20 minutes trying to get a screw out of a whole.

So Brooke was not so thrilled in this picture! We realized that we didn't do too much picture taking, so we were trying to do the take the picture yourself pose, which is never my favorite, but that's what we got!

Me My mom and the kids. On record I hate this picture of me, but since it's the only one with me, my mom and my kids, I sucked up my pride and am posting it. (One day I will have my running body back, and this picture is all the more motivation!)

Another project hanging shelves I've wanted up for like almost a year finally got done thanks to my mom! She even took a battle wound to the eye trying to hang the dang thing! Thanks mom!
And a Grandma favorite slippers. I think this is where she spent the majority of the time. Making the boys cowboy slippers and Kylee little Mary Jane ones. They are so cute and the whole time she was making them they kept asking her when they would be done. Needles to say she finished the night before she left! Pretty impressive, 3 pairs of slippers in 6 days!

We were so glad that grandma was able to come. The kids truly enjoyed her and loved every minute with her! We miss you!


Mark and Caroline said...

i was about to kill you. i thought this was going to be about the other grandma and i was like "hey, what about me" i guess i can't judge a post by the title. talk to you soon.

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

oh how fun! looks like yhou guys are having a blast! i miss you all and love you! I will call you when i get back to alaska!