Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brooke is 3 months Old!

Hard to believe that my little girl is already three months old! She has been such a blessing to have in our family! She is such a little smiler! Her aunt Holly can get some pretty big smiles out of her. She's trying really hard to laugh, but every time she's almost there, she gets the hiccups! She is an AMAZING sleeper, which makes mommy really happy. She goes to bed around 8ish and wakes up ( or mom wakes her up to go to the gym) around 8:30! The day's I leave her alone she'll sometimes sleep til 9! She loves her car seat and it just about puts her to sleep every time! She is constantly sucking on her little fist, which is making me nervous for the possibility of another thumb sucker, but oh well it's so darn cute when their tiny!
Here's my smiley girl about to fall over!

Another picture mom, really!

Dad and all the is my family really this big!?

Mom and all the kids! (Brooke's about had it!)

Mom and the Girls...ok enough of the pictures, I'm tired and hungry!
Mom and the Oldest and Youngest! And now I've really had it! Give me my food and my bed!!


Holly said...

Oh, that little papoose loves aunt Holly. I could cheer her up in a second!

Bradeigh said...

So jealous she's sleeping over 12 hours! I can't seem to get Liza to sleep longer than 8 or 9 hours...which is fine except she goes to bed at 8 pm! What's the secret? Isaac was sleeping 12 hours by 3 months...don't know what is different this time! What a pretty little girl and your other kids are looking so grown up. It's amazing to see them so big!

Mark and Caroline said...

yes you're familyies that big and oh so beautiful. i was thinking about it and you're done growing your family right when mark and i are starting. you should probably not do anything perment for a while, you know just in case. ;)

kylee said...

Time flies doesn't it?! She's such a chunk! I love it!