Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a Quickie

I Just absolutely loved conference! I actually listened to ALL four sessions, I know I'm a a big girl now, and just loved every minute of it. I was very uplifted, inspired and touched by many of the talks. Now that I'm spiritually edified I need to apply everything they spoke of, like be better at managing money, being a better mother and being a better missionary and coming out of my shell when it comes to the gospel, and sharing it with those around me! The talk that comes to mind the most would be Sunday morning's session when President Monson spoke. I don't think I've been more moved or brought to so many tears during a talk before. Lately I've been on this spiritual high, and I think I must need it cause without it I think I'd crumble. Adjusting to having a new baby and four kids, with all the running around I have to do is a bit overwhelming! When I had the twins, besides grocery shopping ( which I did at night so that I didn't have to take the kids with) there was no where pressing I had to be. But now, with Caden in Kindergarten and helping out in the classroom, the twins preschool and my calling, life with four little kids is HARD! That talk just made me realize how blessed I am and how easy I have it. I can't even begin to imagine having to walk 1000 miles with four little kids in the winter. Then to loose all your children in the process, and still have faith to go on. What strength and faith!
I'm so grateful for my heavenly father and for this gospel to help me realize what a wonderful life I have!


Bradeigh said...

That was a really touching story that President Monson shared...I had tears in my eyes too. Made me realize I don't have it so bad, either!

Mark and Caroline said...

i love all the updates. it's been so long since i've been on the blog. i agree about conference. it's awesome being a member of this church. so long as we have that we will always be super blessed. i really needed the talk on spending money. since it i've learned how when i simply say i want this, i want that, even tho i know we need it and i'm not going to get it, that mark hate's it cause it makes him feel so bad to say no, like he can't provide for me. he is so sweet to me, i need to work on that big time.