Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little girls cry...can moms cry too?

So today has just been one of those days! This morning while i was showering my kids let the neighbor girl in, which is fine but i wasn't there to supervise and sure enough things happen. They got into my cookies for my presidency meeting,( and as I found out later) into some beef jerky that I was sending to my brother for his birthday, on his mission. Let's not forget that Ryan is out of town... Not a great start but not too bad either. Brooke woke up early this morning, which is odd for her, so I got the feeling she was getting sick again, and as the day progressed and ALL she wanted to do was sleep I started to worry. Get Caden on the bus, rush the twins to preschool and head to my presidency meeting. Brooke was an angel, slept through most of it. As I got her out to feed her she felt extremely hot, which my friends all confirmed, and as I fed her I felt like I was in an oven! So as I was heading home I called Ryan and he said if it was really high take her in, if not give her Tylenol, and see how she does until tomorrow. Holly says same thing. Take her temp 103.2, so to the doctor we go. Holly being the saint she is gets my other kids from preschool and waits for Caden while me and Brooke head to the doctor. They don't know what's wrong, she still has an ear infection, but they think something else is causing the fever. Check for strep, negative. Watch he, and come back on Thursday if fevers persist. So now it's off to get the antibiotics for the ear, bribe Holly and Garrett to come with me so I'm not going to the store with a sick baby and three others. Go to Costco, eat dinner. SO GLAD Holly and Garrett came! Get home TRY to get kids into bed. How many times can they think of excuses to get out c'mon! Go down stairs to unwind and watch American Idol with Holly and discover the eaten beef jerky, scissors and whats that...scratches in the TV... YES HUGE scratches in the TV from the SCISSORS! I'm now dumbfounded. Ask the kids who did it they blame each other, then they blame the neighbor girl. What to believe? Could she do this, could my children do this. Talk with neighbor, we have no clue! Tell Ryan, yikes!
I don't think too much could be added to top off this wonderful day that I had! Being a parent is so tiring at times, and It seems my most challenging days are when Ryan is out of town, go figure! So does this give me a pass on a melt down of my own? Can I just join Kylee in one of her fits???

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Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

oh my goodness that is CRAZY sister I am so sorry me and Byrce just got a laugh out of your day, but I feel your pain. I am sooo sorry. That is nutts. but I have that to look forward to huh! I am so sorry call me tomorrow and remember you can always call me to cry!!!!