Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking for Advice!

So if anyone is, or has been in my shoes, I would LOVE the advice!

Kylee is really into throwing tantrums lately and not the usual couple a week, lets try a couple a day! They aren't your typical trow yourself on the floor girl tantrums either. As Ryan said the other day I think she's possessed. Some of them she'll get screaming and yelling so loud her face turns bright red/purple! She pretty much throws a tantrum anytime anything does not go her way. Which as a little kid happens ALOT! Hence the tantrums. I suppose I could ask my mom for advice, as I am reminded all the time that I was quite the tantrum thrower myself. But with 7 kids sometimes when I ask for advice and as she has been out of the toddler stage for awhile the common answer is "I don't remember". I've tried time outs, tried spanking, ( I know some people are against that, but it's an option, one that does not work for her or else this post wouldn't exist!) And even done the yelling back at her, not very adult like either... and putting her in her room and walking away. The problem with that one is she just comes right out! If I hold the door closed she kicks the wall and I'm afraid she's gonna do some damage!

So what do I do? I know she wants attention, so i do I give it i a positive way so she doesn't feel the need to act out? HELP!!!

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