Friday, October 23, 2009

Job, and Dinner time!

Today I interviewed for a job at Lifetime. (nerves) It's a chain gym. My Interview went really well ( sigh of relief!) and as long as I can recite their mission statement and vision to the manager I think I get the job! (Wahoo!)
So I will be doing Birthday parties and the kids sports classes!
This is to hopefully move my way up to teach the fitness classes in the future.
Boy do I miss that! I so loved teaching fitness! I feel like I'm starting to get that part of me back!
Now on to make dinner...oh why can't this be something I love.
I will say I do like it occasionally, I get all into it and have these great healthy meals and menus planned out, but most of the time it's this me, where I procrastinate and do not look forward to making dinner. Sad I know, but oh so true. Motivation sorely needed in this
area of my life! So now to get my butt up and do this said dinner so my family doesn't waist away! Peace out!

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