Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sick Household!

We have been sick in our humble abode for the past week or so! Kylee woke up from a nap with a raging fever and battled it until Sunday afternoon. me and Brandon woke up Sunday morning sick as well. I never got the fever, but had the body aches and chills, really fun! At least it was conference weekend! So far no one else has gotten it, knock on wood!
Brandon sleeping off the fever

Kylee of course pics her random place to fall asleep
Don't worry, we moved her to the couch!

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Taffy and Tony said...

NO fun! We've dealt with the same here. Connor and Mylie's were pretty short-lived. But Mariah has now been sick for 5 days! I think I'm taking her in to the dr. tomorrow. Poor thing. It's so sad to see them sick and they can't tell you what hurts, and they don't understand what's going on. I hate it. . .