Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joy School Fun.

I taught Joy School last week! It was a blast.
My kids did NOT behave very well, but everyone else was GREAT, and we had so much fun! We are learning all about our bodies, how they work,
how hard it would be if we didn't have some of the things Heavenly Father gave us.
The kids loved all the activities and the time just flew by.
Other than the first day Kylee crying through just about ALL of it!
This activity was to try and draw a picture of themselves without using their hands.
They were only allowed to use their mouths to draw.
So of course my son the perfectionist cried through the whole thing cause it was:
"too hard...I can't do it!" And that's the point son!
Kylee missed out throwing a tantrum and witnessed the very end of this fun activity!
Miss Allie trying very hard!
It's really ironic that I got this lesson...
years ago when I was in kindergarten and my sister did Joy School I walked home from school to find the kids doing this little exercise.
I wanted to do it. So bad.
My mean old mom wouldn't let me so in true old Katie fashion I threw a fit.
(I wonder where Kylee gets it from?!)
So when I saw I got this lesson it brought back some serious memories of my childhood!
We taped their thumbs down and I gave them a paper bag and told them to go pick up rocks and leaves and put them in their bags.
It was so funny to watch them try to pick up without the use of their thumbs.
Brandon was infuriated. Kylee whined.
The rest of the group LOVED it and tried their very hardest to see who could get the most things in their bag. I think Derek won!
I had so much fun with them. It only makes me feel more confident in my decision to keep them home this year and save some money!
Trying oh so hard!
Brandon once again not so fond of the activity!

The End.

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