Monday, November 9, 2009


Why oh why do you have to come so often and so soon?
Weekends are the best, then you come and I have to wait a whole 5 days for my precious weekends to come back to me! Why is it that you are not my friend?
1. Because that means I don't see my best friend again til Friday. Quite literally. Our weeks are so jam packed we hardly see each other. (Boo!)
2. Because my honey is home and we have so much time I let the house go to pot...resulting in lots of cleaning on Mondays! (double boo)
3. Monday's are chaos at work for Ryan so it's a rare occasion that I get a phone call from him. (sniff, sniff)
Maybe one day we can be friends again!
Until then, back to the grind of my daily Monday routine...

1 comment:

Melissa Tate said...

You and I are so different!! I LOVE mondays!!