Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Festivities.

We had the best Christmas Eve and Christmas!
Festivities began with the sledding party.
This year there was definitely no lack of snow!
The crew on the hill.
Then we headed inside for delicious food!
No lacking in this department either. I must have gained 10 lbs.
Certainly worth it.
No party is complete without games!
Sass of a Hanna won.
Kylee and Avery playing away!
All the partying tuckered some right out.
Holly's husband Garrett introduced us to his family tradition of candle burning.
The boys LOVED it.
Destroying the hideous candles.
Then it was time to open the Christmas P.J.s
Caden showing his off.
Kylee opening hers.
Brandon loving his.
Being a mother on Christmas morning is the best.
I love to see my kids faces as they come up the stairs and discover what Santa has left them.
He didn't disappoint this year. Boys asked for a Nintendo DS but were pleasantly surprised with a Wii for all the kids.
Santa also brought Brandon his very own Yoda.
Simple pleasures.
Brooke opening a present from Grandma and Grandpa Ellis.
Kylee opening her princess dresses from Grandma Lila.
She is in love.
She hasn't been wearing clothes since.
Just her dresses.
She opened her princess crown and shoes from Santa, and about had a melt down because there was no dress.
Sad times I know.
But Grandma came to the rescue with these GREAT dresses.
The rest of the day consisted of lounging around.
Playing more games. EATING even more.
And for me and Ryan taking care of sick kids.
Brooke started fevering Christmas eve.
The boys started Christmas day.
We are still battling it.

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