Saturday, December 26, 2009


This house is full of sickness.
Fevers and colds all around.
Colds are hitting the old.
Fevers are hitting the young.
This is Brooke's 3rd day of lethargy and fevers.
The second for the boys. (Kylee was sick earlier in the week)
A real bummer.
The boys went skiing.
Me and the girls went and played dodge ball.
It was a blast.
Until I got pelted in the face. HARD.
Came home and got the worst migraine. Blindness. Numbness. Puking. Light sensitivity.
No fevers for the last couple of hours and kids are perking up.
Hopefully this is finally passing.
Ryan leaves in the morning and I am sad.
I will miss him alot.
Love you honey.

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