Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From bad things come good!

Despite being down all weekend, there is some good from it.
The best for me, loosing 4 pounds! That puts me very close, almost to my pre-pregnancy weight.
This might be a short lived excitement as my appetite comes back and probably gain it back.
But for a short moment I was close! Yeah! (I'm an idiot I know...hehe)
Poor Caden is very forgetful sometimes. Lately its with bringing home his homework.
He forgot it again last night.
So today he has to stay inside from recess. This is a heart breaker as a mother.
But I think this is the only way he will become a responsible little boy.
So when I told him last night to get his homework and he went to go get it and it wasn't there, his poor little face became so sad. I wanted to cry.
I told him he knew what that meant for the next day.
Yes mom, I know. Can I go to bed now?
Said through a very shaky voice.
I wanted to cry for him. Take the punishment away. But I knew that this is what he needed or nothing would change. I have to make that dreaded call to tell his teacher he has to stay in from recess today. I'm not looking forward to it at all.
But my sweet boy this morning said: mom I promise I'm going to try so hard to bring it home today. He had the biggest smile on his face.
I love him and his determination. He's going places, and that makes me proud.
These little trials in life teach us things. Make us better, and good things come from them. It may be hard to see while we are in the thick of what ever trial we are going through, but in the end there is always something to be learned. Some good will come out of it.
That's what gets me through. No matter the situation, big or small.
Being tough on Caden will only make him more responsible on his own. So he doesn't have to rely on my and Ryan for everything. That's not what parenting is all about. Although it's your first instinct. To do it all for your kids. Not let them crash and burn.
Well I'm off to get ready to teach Joy School. My house today!
Three more months and then my twins are done!
They go to Kindergarten in the fall. it's amazing we're this close.
It's seems like yesterday they were tiny preemies with tubes in their noses.
As much as I am looking forward to getting a break from my high energy pair, It sadens me to realize how fast this time is passing me by. It will be just be and Brooke in the afternoons next year. Then the next year all day. Before I know it she'll be in school and I'll be by myself.
INSANE!! What will I do with myself?!
Enough rambling, really must go!

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Sandy said...

I hope you feel better ~ being a sick mom is the WORST. And I totally hear you about the losing weight part, so weird how we get excited about that after being so sick, funny. Last time I was so sick (right after I had Bennett) I was like "I'm gonna get on the scale so I can at least feel good about something since I'm feeling like crap!" But I ended up feeling worse b/c I didn't loose as much weight as I thought I should have for how horrible I was feeling :-)