Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Evening stroll, and family night!

The weather here has been SOOO nice lately.
I just love spring!
Summer is definitely my favorite season, but nothing can beat the way spring makes you feel.
I feel like cleaning out everything, airing out my house, and just being outside!
The kids loved going on a walk, maybe even more than I did!
This is what Brooke looks like 90% of the time I do her hair. She becomes a Mohawk child.
She leaves her cute little spout in for a few minutes, then...yank. She pulls it out.
On good days we make it til lunch time. As soon as she's down for a nap she pulls it out.
I love that little girl!
I also love how much my husband loves our kids. He's so good with them, and they love when he's home.
For family home evening we made cookies and practiced singing the primary songs they need to know for this years program.
it was so cute to see my kids try and make cookies!
Caden will never sing for me, or tell me things he learns at church (or school for that matter) but once we turned the CD on it was like karaoke night. He was a singing fool! I loved every minute of it.
This year my kids won't be the ones up there looking like they haven't a clue in the world. They will be singing their little hearts out!
Brooke on the other hand, just wanted the cookies. And this is how she looked until she got one.
I'm afraid I'm getting another diva on my hands...

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