Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baseball Mania

Baseball has started.
This means family evenings spent watching cute little Caden play his little heart out.
When we asked him if he wanted to play soccer or baseball, there was no hesitation.
Then we found out that Chaska's league was T-ball for his age division.
So we gave him the option, but this was NOT good enough.
You would have thought that his life was over.
No Baseball???
There was not option, that is what he wanted to play.
So Ryan searched around, and the neighboring town had baseball! We were saved!
He is having a blast, and I am having fun watching him, and watching my other kids try and entertain themselves, since watching baseball for them lasts a full 2 minutes...maybe.

Caden getting ready to bat:

Batter up!

Kylee was posing like the little princess that she is!

This little girl melts my heart. She had only had a 45 min nap yesterday, because I was running around with my head cut off. This is 7:45 at night. Just as happy as can be!

Little collage of the rest of the game:
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George and Heidi Skinner said...

that's funny, because it's exactly how anchorage is too....t-ball until they're 7!! Dakota was pretty dissapointed, but next year since he played 1 year of t-ball, they'll let him in baseball a year early, so that was his "carrot"! He's much better hitting the ball when pitched than when on the t anyways-kinda ironic, but it's so fun watching them play!!