Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mens Weekend

The boys had their annual Church Father and Sons camp out.
It is usually held on the weekend that the priesthood was restored.
I truly think it is the highlight of the year. ( well one of a few anyways)
This year did not disappoint, and they had the perfect weather.
A few pictures for your viewing pleasure:
My handsome men

What a handsome little guy!

Brando bright and early!

The one thing that I did NOT enjoy was them bringing home ticks.
Let me tell you I had yet to have an encounter with the creatures, and lets say I hope to never again.
But having boys this is highly unlikely.
The weird thing is that the ticks were found on Brooke and Kylee.
Who spent no time near any trees that weekend.
IT was sick. That's all there is to describe that. Kylee is truly a princess, cause after we found the one on Brooke (cringe and yew..), we of course checked the rest of the kids.
Ryan found one in Kylee's hair, and cause of his dramatics at finding one on Brooke she broke out in a full on fit.

Finding another one in her hair.
We now have become obsessed with checking our bedding every night, and our kids multiple times a day.
I was talking to a neighbor, and I guess they are really bad this year.
Oh the adventures of being a parent!

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