Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girls Just Gotta Have Fun!

Yes I did.
I took Kylee the other day to go get a pedicure with me.
We had a blast together.
She thought she was the luckiest girl in the world.
They gave her a mani and a pedi, and she loved every minute of it.
Did I create a monster? Only time will tell.
I did inform her this was a special occasion, a mommy daughter date, and we don't do this that often. She just said: I know!
She has shown everyone who will pay attention how good her toes and her hands look.
I love her, and it was so fun spending time with just my sweet little Ky.

Showing off her mani:

And the pedi, designs and all:

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Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

oh I think that is so fun! you need to make it a ritual! I know I am going to with elle, those are the memories she will remember forever! The spa with her mommy~ So fun glad you went and did that! Miss you guys!