Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday #2

There are two great people who are celebrating their birthday's today!
I only wish I was around them to celebrate with them...
They are twins and don't even know it. Other than me telling them so...
First, is my sweet brother Bret!
I love him tons, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. The peacekeeper in our little fam damlily! I don't think the guy would hurt a fly.
Growing up when we'd be the oh so well behaved kids that we were, if he were ever to get angry he'd just grab your arm and squeeze. He couldn't even get mad enough to pull out the full on swinging arms that another certain family member was famous for.
But now he's all grown up.
I still have him frozen in time as this little 14 year old. (how old he was when I left home)
Next thing I know I'm sitting watching him marry his high school sweet heart.
Now he's dad to the cutest little guy Ben.
He's graduated from College!
When did that happen?!
Bret you are the best brother anyone could ask for.
I love you Bret I hope your day is grand!

Then his twin (well to me anyways) Shayla! She really is like my little sister.
She was a cute little 16 year old when I met her.
Unlike my brother I have gotten to see her grow into the beautiful woman that she is today.
I watched her graduate High School, go to college, have her missionary return, get married in the temple and have her sweet little guy!
I felt so lucky to have been able to be there for his blessing.
How can you not love that little guy? Those cheeks, oh those cheeks!
It reminds me of Caden and I LOVE it.
I love Shayla and her sweet spirit, and fun personality!
Happy Birthday! I hope your day is full of love and yummy desert!

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Shayla said...

Thanks Katie!! I did have yummy dessert and a wonderful day!