Monday, June 28, 2010

Bear Lake Family Reunion

Friday morning we headed up to bear lake for a family reunion!
No better way to start it of then eating at Le Beaus!!

Grandma Ellis was getting sick and had to go home early,but the kids had a blast with her for the short time that she was there!

Caden loves Uncle James! They had so much fun together!

We stayed in the condos at Ideal beach resort. The kids loved it.
And loved climbing up and down the ladder to the loft area.
Ahh this is the life. Fun in the sun! We had fabulous weather the whole time!
Saturday we rented jet skis and had so much fun.
The twins weren't too sure about it, even though they kept going out...
Caden on the other hand couldn't get enough.
Ryan even let him push the gas and I guess he was full throttle all the way!

Saturday night we went to the Pickleville Playhouse.
It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I'll admit I was skepticle going in, but I had a such a good time. The play was great and so funny!
Here is the Ellis crew about to go into the play!
The kids did great for the first half of the play.
Then the second half came around and it was not so great.
Next time I think the kids need something else to do while the adults enjoy the play!

Sunday we went to sacrament meeting, then hung around at the condo. ( I haeaded to Cokeville for a few hours to spend time with my family, that's another post)They went mini golfing, played horse shoes, and of course ATE!

Monday we headed down to the beach one last time.
Brooke was in love with this little floatie someone os generously gave us as they were leaving.
She could try and coax anyone she could to pull her around on it.
The boys loved getting in the COLD water, While the girls (after my own heart) Played in the shallow water warmed by the sun. That water was so cold!
I only got in where I needed to to get on the jet ski! That was good enough for me!

We did a little Caden burying, watched the seagulls, and swam in the pool.
Brooke was a brave little toot and loved the little water slide they had.
She went down probably a dozen times!
After we dried off and changed we ate lunch at this yummy little pizza place before heading back to Logan.
I do think this is a must every year!
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