Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogging Hiatus

Self portraits are sometimes scary...

A re-try and Ryan looks even worse!:)

Girls ready for a bike ride!

We're off!
After so much rain, we are finally having some great weather!
We have gone on family bike rides, walks, sprinkler fun and just being outside!
Don't you just love Brooke's hair?!
This is why I don't do it very often, cause she ends up looking like the above picture!
This is another constant battle.
My escape artist. If a door is open, she knows!

We are now going on our vacation to Utah!
I so need this.
I am excited to get away.
To see family.
Spend time with loved ones.
I sure need it. Why is life so hard sometimes?!
I will try to blog some from our trip, but until then...
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