Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Field Day!

Friday was Caden's field day at school. Being that my back yard is practically the field I was able to go no problem.
See: blue house on the left, that's ours!

Isn't Caden's class so cute?
Caden's class was the purple team, and they had AMAZING class spirit, let me tell you!
Anyways I put Brooke down for her nap and we headed out to watch Caden do his many activities. (while checking on Brooke every so often...)

Brooke then joined us a few hours later to enjoy the heat and the fun. And of course just in time for Popsicles!
They did a 1/4 mile run, and Caden came in first out of the boys in his class!
They also had a wacky obstical course that he LOVED!!
The 50 meter dash, sack race, shoe kicking contest, and who could jump rope the longest!

Last but certainly not least the tug of war. I think this is the highlight for the kids, and the parents. The fist and second graders went together and cheered each other on. They were so loud! Such great school and class spirit!
Caden's class won their first time, but then lost to Miss Finkel's class. Better luck next year!
Did I mention How HOT it was?! Yeah I got the sweetest farmers tan of your life.
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