Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Holly.

My sis is 26!
I have felt so fortunate to live by her the last year and a half.
It's amazing to me how much she has accomplished at her age.
She's graduated nursing school, has worked 3 amazing jobs using her skills.
Saved peoples lives, watched miracles happen, helped those loosing loved ones deal.
She truly is amazing. She has the light of Christ in her, and I can only hope to be like her someday!
She has also become a wife, and this past year a mother, to the cutest, chubbiest cheeked baby.
( I had 4 kids at 26 and 1/2. Yikes!)
I love that we are so different, yet we are the best of friends.
She has a heart of gold. If ever I need anything I know I can go to her.
Holly I love you! I hope you have the best 26th birthday ever!
Big sis Kates

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Holly June said...

Aw, Kates!!
You made me tear up....thanks for this sweet post. I still get really sad that we live 20 miles away now, and wish we could see you every day like last year. So glad we can still talk on the phone just about every day! I LOVE YOU!!