Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is day three of summer vacation, and we have yet to see the sun...
I feel like we were teased!
April and May were absolutely amazing.
Then June came along. June gloom.
Rain. Clouds. And more rain.
I am so ready to go to the pool, parks, and lakes.
But alas we are stuck in doors like winter cause the rain just WON'T stop.
So hopefully(supposedly tomorrow is going to be fab) we will have our picnics, swim to our hearts content, and play in the sand!
I am going to be optimistic that this is just a short tease. Summer is still here.
We are ready to enjoy it!

As I am typing this the sun is starting to peek through!
Please let it dry everything out, and then I will have so much more to blog about!

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