Monday, July 19, 2010


Ryan participated in a triathlon Saturday so we headed down to cheer him on!
Kylee was "SOOO HOT", so she spent most of the time like this:
Supposedly it helped...

We watched him transition from bike to run, and then waited for him at the finish line.
Ryan coming in and the boys cheering him on:

The end in sight!!!
Ryan went out in the last wave so his actual finish time was 1:31:30.
He beat his time from last year by 11 minutes! Thanks to the nice road bike instead of the mountain bike he had last year.
He says he could have shave 3 more minutes off ( and he could have) Cause he bombed the run. I warned him he wasn't running enough, but that bike is just so more appealing then running...
I still am so proud of him for the huge PR.
Now he needs to get himself running like no bodies business, cause he's participating in a Ragnar in a month...
Run baby run!!!

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