Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Remember how I was so bored with this:

Well bored no more after my awesome hair girl Megan, changed me into this:
I have not had "real" bangs since my freshmen year in high school. This is a change! But I love it! I feel so fresh!
Especially nice since yesterday I thought I was on deaths door. My sweet friend came and took my kids, and Ryan took me to the doctor. Possibly appendicitis?!
So a C-T scan and 4 hours later, nothing.
Everything looked good. So WHY was I in such excruciating pain?! No idea... but it was real, and it was awful! They gave me a shot to help the pain, and it was WONDERFUL!
Good change to today, weak, but no pain!
And a new dew. I am one happy girl.


Melissa Tate said...

love the new hair do!! It looks so cute!!! Glad you are feeling better. Love ya.

Bald n Beautiful said...

Very cute, I like the color a lot!