Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things

Lately these favorite things of mine have everything to do with running.
Mainly because all of my free time is spent running.
I was so happy for all of my favorite things yesterday as I ran my 14 miles!

1. My shoes! No runner would get very far without their shoes.

I got these this week and they are fabulous. I was a little worried switching brands since my old brand did so well for me...until they switched models and I was not loving the last pair.
So I went with my trusty young kid at the best running store ever, and are giving these new Brooks Trance 9 a chance. Love them! All the pains I was starting to have were gone on yesterday's run!

2. Running shorts
These are the most comfortable pair of running shorts in the world!

Pretty stylish too! I've gotten many complements on these shorts!

3. Simple-trends head bands!

There is a lady at my gym who started making these, and her business has taken off!
They are very reasonably priced and they stay on the head great!
Also I've seen so many people just wearing them with their everyday outfits. She has so many styles to choose from.
Want some? Click here!

4. Massage Stick
This might possible be my new best friend.

My brother in-law Garrett introduced me to this bad boy, and I would be lost without it! I use it faithfully after every run, and sometimes in between!

5. Well maybe this is my best friend...

It's a love/hate relationship, but it has saved me from the dreaded IT band flare up that likes to stalk me! I had a person once tell me that when you are at a gym, if you see someone rolling around on one of these, you know they are a serious runner. Truly this thing is a miracle. May not feel so good at times, but I couldn't run without this!!! I've found that the combination of the foam roller and the message stick is the perfect combination to running injury free!

6. Last but not least, and was oh so happy I had this on my run yesterday:

It was 88 degrees at 7 at night with about 75% humidity. Just plain awful! Ryan made me buy this trusty water pack a few weeks ago when my long runs were starting to exceed 10 miles. I was not so sure about this thinking it would bug the HECK out of me.
But much to my surprise, it felt great!! And what a difference I had running while getting hydrated at the same time! I was so grateful for the water yesterday! Couldn't have survived my run without it!

All these things are going to help me cross that finish line!
It's getting closer and makes me nervous, but I know I can do it!

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