Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Caden in 2nd Grade!

School started yesterday for Caden! ( the twins start on Thursday...)
It was a freezing morning as you can tell from the above pic with Caden in a hoodie.
Strange seeing that just a week ago we were melting off the face of the earth. Minnesota weather is weird!
He wasn't too hip on the idea of me walking with him, but being the mother I of course wanted to get the first day of school pics, so he had to deal. He asked me if I would let him go by himself the next day. What a little stinker! He's growing up way too fast! He's too young to not want mom around right?!

Caden at his desk. His class feels so big cause they are on the 5th grade side of the hall; since there is only 4 5th grade classes they let Caden's class move out of the closet of a classroom they had last year, and into a "real" class room. I will say it is so nice to see them have all that space!

Our elementary loops years, so Caden has the same teacher for second grade that he had for 1st. Now if you didn't love your kids teacher, this might not be so good, but in our case we LOVE Mrs. Nelson and it's so nice that I don't have to get to know another teacher, and methods of teaching. It's like we just came back from a long break and we can just get right back into the swing of things!

Happy School year Cade! It's already so weird without you around!
Tomorrow I will send my little twins out into the world.
That is going to be strange...

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