Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Weekend for Melanie!

We had a great Labor day weekend!
We headed down to Nauvoo to see our sweet little "sis" Melanie be sealed in the Temple.
I am so glad that they invited us to be a part of their special day.

This was the night before at her birthday/bachelorette party!

The kids loved the hotel room, as most kids do.
Brooke discovered the radio and in brought on a dance party!

Friday before the sealing we were able to take in a few sights of Nauvoo.
We just love it there. It has the best spirit about it.
Brooke unfortunately only saw nap time on this trip in the car.

Melanie was the most beautiful bride.
Both of the twins were taken by her. Brandon got the courage to go up and tell her she was beautiful.
I think the have a special bond! (Melanie took care of Brandon for me when Kylee was still in the hospital after they were born.)

Some random shots from outside the temple.
The Gibb kids were adorable! They had on the cutest dresses and little suits I've ever seen.

We headed to the dinner and then on to Indiana!
Notice my daughter posing in almost every picture...

We had a good time getting ready for the reception. It was fun watching the guys try and figure out how to hang the lights!
The reception was great! The food was wonderful, and I loved her decorations and color scheme, just so happy!

No reception is complete without decorating the car. This time was definitely no exception! I don't think one inch of that car was missed!

We stayed with our good friends the Calls, our kids had a blast together!
Playing outside, and blowing up coke cans with Mentos...8 of them to be exact...
just look at those guilty, sweet, little innocent faces...

Tim took all the kids on a Sunday afternoon ride on Thunderbolt.
I so wish I would have gotten a picture of Caden flying off the horse. I about peed my pants! It was great. No worries he wasn't hurt, didn't even shed a tear.

Brandon was being so cute with Stella. Kylee and the kids were in love with Tiara. They also had a blast with Scott's rocket. It made the top 3 best things about the trip for all three of the older kids.

Thanks Gibbs for such a great weekend!
Thanks to the Calls for letting us invade your house!

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