Monday, September 27, 2010


This came to us Saturday.
As I was cleaning up some, I looked outside to see my family playing in the fields behind our house.
They were having a blast. Laughing, running, jumping. squealing. I couldn't miss it for the world! So I grabbed my NEW camera to capture some of the fun.
( I am learning how to use this thing, so hopefully soon my pics will be AmAzing!)

Brooke would run from the puddle, over to Ryan and just make sure everything was OK before retuning to the fun:
Now I think Kylee had the most fun with this!
She was all over the place. It was like Fame all over again...only in a puddle!
Brandon just ran back and forth, back and forth. Wore himself right out!
Little miss Brooke just carefully walked around in the puddle.
Caden wouldn't join in on the fun, but finally before it was time to head inside we decided to take a turn:
And let's just hope he grows out of this little awkward stage.
Although later that day he did prove to have good running form. I guess running through a puddle doesn't count!
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