Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Afternoons with Brooke

Everyday when this happens at 12:21:

This little girl gets a little sad. (even though she isn't in this pic)

We make the next half hour mommy and Brooke time. I read to her, play with her, or sometimes treat her to a cookie! She loves it.
It's fun to have a little time with just Brooke!

Loves Berenstain Bears!

How can you not just love this face?!

The at 1:00 it's night night for Brooke, and a peaceful afternoon for mom!
P.S I made Holly's Jicama salad...DELISH! Go here for the recipe!

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Taffy and Tony said...

It is so fun to have a little one-on-one time, isn't it? I'm getting it just once a week when Mylie goes to preschool, but I love it!