Thursday, October 21, 2010


My life has been so busy lately, I feel like I've been blog slacking.
I was doing so good for awhile, posting most days in the week. But lately, not so, just too busy to even have a chance to sit down and enjoy the computer other than a quick email check.
Church has been really busy! Lots to do with my calling and Ryan's. Both of us serving in the youth program makes it tough, as we have had to find babysitters several times the past several weeks for different functions we were to both be at.
And yet again this Saturday our date will consist of going to the Youth Stake Dance.
Let's see how well I'll even be able to function as a will have hopefully, and successfully ran my marathon!

We went in to have lunch with Ryan the other day(since this has been the only time I have seen him this week). Brooke had a blast spinning around on his chair. She LOVES her dad. Now of course all my kids do, but she's still in that phase where she can do no wrong in the eyes of her dad, so they are each others favorite. It's pretty cute!
I thought I'd jot down a few milestones of this almost 22 month old toot!
She is finally picking up some vocabulary. I think we're up to probably around 10 words. of course with all the siblings NO is the most common word. Other words are:
Bow(she loves her bows, even though she constantly takes them out.)
nigh, nigh (night night)
ha (hot)

So much progress, I'm sure before I know it she'll be spouting out sentences!
She loves either Eggs, or bananas for breakfast.
She loves to be outside ANY chance she gets.
She thinks she's big! She wants to walk anywhere we go. I have to bribe her to carry her so that it doesn't take hours to complete an errand.
She really is such a joy, even though she is learning the art of throwing fits, and yelling NO at the top of her lungs at me when something doesn't go her way.
Brooke is such a blessing to have in our family, we love you little "Z"!

And this picture is just so I can remember what my amazingly handsome husband looks like. Really I haven't seen him all week. Well except for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes as we fall asleep. We need a date dang it. And not a youth church function...

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