Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Ellis House!

We have been quite busy in our house lately.
Between holiday projects, wrestling starting, Lifetime, callings, school, College Basketball starting(this is big in this house!), more church activities, errands, and family get togethers, I have hardly had time to blog. But today the excuses stop and I can catch up some!
We've gotten to hang out with sweet Kenadie a few times, and she is quite the entertainer, and singer! She's definitely a Diva and she let's you know it. The cutest little Diva mind you. Kylee and Kenners love each other, and it's a good thing they are so far in age and get a long so well, cause had they been the same age I think it would be a constant cat fight! Instead Kenners loves her and follows her around!:)
Caden has been busy with school. Tuesday's and Thursday's he's been playing dodge ball before school and loving it! He's my little helper and can be found taking care of Brooke quite often.
Brandon started wrestling this past week and so far so good. He absolutely loves it! Now he's always looking for someone to wrestle him!
And Brooke has finally decided to use her vocal cords other than screaming.
Her vocabulary has really taken off, and can pretty much repeat anything you ask her to say. She loves to watch Little Einsteins any chance she gets!

The Clubs program Kids Play that I teach is starting to pick back up now that winter is here. On Thursday I was busy explicating rules to a game when Kylee came up to me crying, saying she had bumped her head. I went along my way not paying much attention, trying to control my 13 kids. About 5 minutes later I finally looked down to examine the damage, and I felt like a horrible mother. She had the hugest goose egg right above her eye! Poor girl. Kind of topped off her week as earlier she had tried to scrub face paint of her face with a foot stone, taking A LOT of skin with it!

As the goose egg died down, it did give her a great bruise and black eye. I'm sure people wonder what we do to our children. Missing teeth, scuffed up faces! Oh well it make them tough right?!
I am so looking forward to this week! Only 2 days of school, and then Thanksgiving!
I love the holidays! I must admit I've even turned on the channel playing Christmas music a few times!:)

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Taffy and Tony said...

Poor Kylee! And I, too, have been listening to a little Christmas music this week.