Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Minnesota Blizzard

We had a doozy of a storm yesterday! Probably one of the worst I've ever experienced.
It wasn't so much how much fell ( which still is probably well over a foot), but the awful blowing wind, creating quite the blizzard!
So we were home bound! Hot Chocolate, movies, bubble baths, and the occasional attempt to save our driveway!

This is our Backyard, the little plant you can barely see sticking out comes to mid thigh on me.
This morning it's completely buried!

One of Ryan's attempts to dig out:

Kylee being the little helper she is, almost blown away several times!

The fence in the backyard. The snow this morning now goes over the top of the fence!

A wintry wonderland!

Nothing better than a nice hot bubble bath on a cold winters day!

I just want to eat her up!

So thankful for a warm house, and cozy socks on a blustery Minnesota winter!
P.S. They said this was the 8th worst storm in recorded Minnesota glad I got to be a part of that!:)


Tina said...

It was all over the news all weekend long about how Minneapolis, Minnesotta was getting pounded with a terrible blizzard, which was wreaking havoc and closing airports, etc...which made me think of you!! I must admit, I love a good blizzard and being cozied up inside! I was a little jealous! But I guess I'm not too jealous of having to dig yourselves out after the storm!? Those drifts are crazy!!

Shayla said...