Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Happenings

Last weekend I was able to go out with some friends for a much needed girls night!
We went to dinner, and then to see the play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
It was pretty cute and a fun time out, even in the blizzard that was coming down!

I have been slacking big time in my blogging, but this season is just getting to me. Between all the activities going on, church, work, and taking care of daily things, I have hardly had time for a free moment to sit!
But I am trying to still document happenings with the kids. This little girl can't seem to stay away from looking like this for very long:
I know graphic and gross. She probably hates it more than I do! So now we are going to try some more extreme measures to see if we can clear her poor nose up. I am done with antibiotics! So my mom told me to try and cut dairy out of her diet for awhile to see if that helps...

Every night before I go to bed, I check on my kids,(cause once I'm in bed, I'm there. Ryan on the other hand checks them multiple times a night...I know he's the best dad!) I couldn't resist taking pictures of the sleeping beauties and handsome boys:

Oh How I love them!
But these, I don't love so much. They are a never ending chore... I wish I had a dish fairy!

Brooke helped us decorate the outside of the house. She had to make sure that the lights were working.
She is loving this season more than any child I think. She spends endless hours playing with the Little People Nativity. It's always covering my floor. I love it!
Even though lessons have yet to begin, Caden works on the piano everyday. He's learned a few songs and is working really hard on Jingle Bells. Just the right song for the Christmas Spirit!
Brandon is close behind, following Caden's footsteps and figuring out songs as well!
Now to get my Christmas cards out the door, get the kids to school, and try and finish my Christmas shopping!
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