Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Endevours!

So I have been thinking for awhile, a few things.
1. I need to mix up my routine as far as working out goes.
2. I need to eat better. I eat way too much sugar folks. Yep I said it, cats out of the bag.
3. I totally would love to have a little extra money. You know for things like, extra vacations, more dates with my honey, seeing my family more often.

So I found a solution. I hope.
Last year my mix it up workout was P90X, thanks to Holly and Garrett's advice! I loved it. Still do. I have a few workouts I still use! I knew that my old Boss, from the gym that I worked at in Chicago, was a rep for the company that produces P90X. So last year a probed her a little on it. She had just started to make Beachbody her primary source of income, after loosing her job.
She told me to check out Insanity, since I loved P90X so much.
Because I was so focused on running I just brushed it off and kept to my routine.
And with the job at Lifetime, and was good with the little extra cash I was making.

But now I'm ready to mix it up! It's the beginning of the year and time to make changes and new goals. So I am getting back into the fitness world, auditioning for teaching group fitness at Lifetime in February. I have really missed it. And I feel like Brooke is old enough now that my hours to teach are more available. I can't wait!
And, I've joined my awesome friend Kristina as a rep. We'll see where this takes me.
If anything it will be a journey, and I do love their products.
Hopefully it will be my way to make a little extra something!
So my new mix it up program to Insanity. It should get here any day, and I'm excited/anxious to see what results I can get from it. It does look a little INSANE:

Wish me luck! And I'll keep you updated on my 2011 journey!:)

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Holly June said...

Holy smokes! I would not want to do that workout in a million years! You ARE insane! :)