Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10.

Of 2010
I thought I would write a post about our top ten moments of 2010. Either things we enjoyed, things we got do do, things we are grateful for over the past year. I can't even believe that this year is over!

10. Spending the previous New years with my family!
My dad's birthday is new year's eve, so it's always an awesome party for his birthday! It was so much fun to get to be there. Annie's is then on the 1st, and we stayed through Brooke's birthday! I was a whole week of celebration!

9. In February I got to take a kid free trip to see my "other family" for a baby shower and a baby blessing! It was so much fun to be with them again! It's always a good time when you're with the Gibbs!
This is all the Gibb me after the shower. I must say a major highlight was the slushie run late at night, and dancing...need I say more?!

8. Trip number 2. This time with the whole family out to Utah! We spent a little over 2 weeks out there. It was such a blast to spend time with Ryan's family, and getting to spend sometime with my cousins, aunts and uncles and my grandma.
We did lots of swiming, I attempted lots of running...the altitude threw my groove off...Ryan logged a LOT of miles on his bike, and I got to enjoy a day with my family in Salt Lake. We had a good time around Temple Square. It was bittersweet as I left, it was the last time I saw my cousin Jared. I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. I am so grateful for this gospel cause it will only be the last time I see him on this earth. I will see him again!

7. Brandon's crash. Now this one had to make the top 10. For many reasons. Thankful it wasn't worse than this:
And because of this, how can it not make the list. Poor little guys. This picture still make me cringe. he was a trooper through it all! Let hope to be accident free in 2011!

6. Now I know this would for sure make Ryan's top 10. Had Robbie Hummel not been injured in this game, it probably was his #1 moment of 2010.
As far as sporting events go, it's right up there for me too! I don't think we will ever get seats again that match those! Unless you know we become so rich we just buy those kind of seats at Mackey Arena! Not only were the seats amazing, the game was great as well. it started out to be a blow out, but then the dreaded moment in Ryan's life happened. Robbie Hummel tore his ACL. The game was a nail biter with a buzzer shot for the win!

5. Getting to attend Melanie's wedding.
I love this picture!
Loni, Shayla and Melanie came and helped me when I had the twins. Kylee was in the hospital and Brandon was at home. Melanie took care of Brandon for me, while I would go to the hospital to be with Kylee. Brandon and Melanie loved each other. It's only fitting she married a Brandon!

4. Mankato Marathon.
I never thought this would have been something I accomplished. Ever. I have done many a half marathons, and thought that was good enough. Who needs to run a full. But this year a fire was lit under me and I was determined to accomplish a full. It was a great experience, and one that I will repeat. Already discussing trying to get into St. George with a good friend of mine!

3. This was a for sure highlight! I will never forget the look on his face when he saw his new prized possession:
The bike! I love that he had no idea! that was the best part for me. Pure shock. I will say I don't know how I will top this anniversary present this coming year...

2. Having friends for the holidays!
It was fun to be able to have friends celebrate Christmas with us!
It was good to teach my children about helping others, and the true meaning of the holiday.
I also found out what Christmas morning would be like with 7 kids... yep our family of 4 is just right!

Which leads me into the best thing about 2010:
1. My family! I am so blessed to have four amazing children, a loving husband who honors his priesthood. They truly make everything complete.
And the ultimate #1, is the blessing to know I have a Savior who has made this all possible for me!
May everyone reflect on Him and his sacrifice in the coming new year!
HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!

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Loni said...

Yay for TWO visits in 2010.. Hope you have a great new year! Love and Miss you all!