Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh Purdue.

I am a little reluctant to write this post.
Last year was another story. A nail biting game with a triumphant victory.
This year...not so much.
In fact the outcome ruined the date night. Quite literally.
But through talking and some deep breathing, we are learning and moving on.

Last night Ryan and I got to go to the Minnesota vs. Purdue game. Not quite the seats we had last year, but still amazing seats! This time really surrounded by Gophers! It made me a little nervous...
Ryan all excited for the game:
We were able to get there early enough to watch them warm up again, which is pretty fun!
Ryne Smith And his famous 3 pointer:

E'twaun Moore, this is Caden's favorite player: (next to Robbie Hummel of course!)

The guy on the far left is JaJuan Johnson. He was on fire, and unstoppable! Seriously they couldn't do anything to stop this guy last night!

Team huddle before the start of the game:
It was a nail bitter, the whole entire forty minutes. While there is nothing like experiencing a live game, I can't decide what is better. Being there live, or watching it at home?! My stomach was in knots the entire time! At home, even with the close games, I'm totally fine.
I don't like having a knotted stomach! And being at Minnesota I really think us and the few parents' of the players and the team of course were the only ones cheering for Purdue.
There was more booing than I care for, seriously. College student's are ruthless!
At least on TV you have the commentators cheering when anyone makes a good play.
So needless to say, Purdue lost by 3. Sigh. And major sigh for my poor hubby.
It's a bummer, but hey, they are still second in the conference, and had one of their star players, not have had such a bad game, they would have easily won. Players can't always be on, and they can't win them all.
Now if I can slowly convince my husband of this things will go well. As we left he kept saying how much he doesn't like the Gophers...really loudly...
with about 100 of their fans surrounding us.
P.S. I am not a fan either, but I clearly was not saying anything!
All in all it was still a fun night out. Just would have been that much better with a win. Next time right!?


Tina said...

Did you ever go to an Aggie b-ball game at the Spectrum!? USU students are the MEANEST crowd EVER! It's almost embarassing...but always entertaining! Good ole college basketball...

Krystal said...

Wow! You guys have been up to a lot of fun!
I still love your hair! I may be inspired to try something new.... I need it!
Happy -late- Birthday little Brooke! She is So cute!