Thursday, January 20, 2011


My son is an athlete.
Not to brag or anything, but this little guy is an athlete. Or should we say, is going to be a heck of an athlete as his little body grows.
He has determination in anything he does. It's amazing.
Brandon and Caden had a wrestling tournament on Saturday. They were so stinkin cute!
I personally have a love hate relationship with the sport. It can be entertaining, but a new light was shed as I watched my boys on the mat.
Brandon was in heaven, his eye on the prize! And boy he was in it to win it! As you can see from the above photo, he took second, loosing only one of his matches.
Then there is my Cade. This is not his thing. He decided last minute he wanted to wrestle, not wanting to be left behind by his little brother.
He wrestled his little heart out. The best Ryan said he had ever seen him wrestle.
My camera died on me thus the lack of evidence for the Caden boy.
One match the momma bear in me came out. I was yelling at the ref, my little boy was in pain! The other kid had him in some move, and his arms looked like they were going to break right off! Ryan tried to assure me that he was fine, but I wasn't buying it!
Thus the hesitation I now have with this sport.
It is not fun to see your child struggle. I wanted to pin the kid myself!
He took 3rd.(out of 5) I was proud of him. Trying his hardest in something he really has no passion for. The poor kid wants to quit, but as life is a lesson, he is learning one. We paid for him to wrestle, tried to tell him he wouldn't like it, so now he's ENDURING practice and 2 more tournaments. I know, we are mean parents. How dare we.
But I learned my lesson, next time he doesn't get a choice. We know it's not for him we will try something else.
As for Brandon, well the kid loves it. He's gonna have a tough decision to make once he's old enough to play ball though. Every time we go to Lifetime, you can find Brandon on the kiddie court shooting hoops. When I work, he will sometimes spend the whole 2 hours back there playing. I guess only time will tell. This mom is leaning towards a future in b-ball, but we all know dad wants a wrestler...

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