Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Kylee at 2
Oh my little sassy Ky. You gotta just love this little girl. She may be tiny for her age, but boy her attitude makes up for it!
Holly is always telling me I need to write down some of the things she says, cause they are just too funny not to. And boy is that the truth. So every time she says something totally funny, I've been writing it down over the last several days. I really should do this more often. Who knew the amount of times a girl could say something that almost makes you want to pee your pants?! Or in my case as a mom, get over being upset with her to realize how funny she is?!
So here are a few Kylee-isms over the past several days(and some that I remember from before):

-Dad how come you have such long steams? (meaning sideburns)
-Mom your being like blah blah blah!
-Stop calling me stink for the rest of your life! ( to me of course)
You don't need to say that 1190 times!
-When she came to see Brooke for the first time: Me- doesn't she have such pretty dark hair?
Kylee: Eeewww she's hair is disgusting!
- Another that needs brief explanation: I was taking a bath and she came in and got in with me. I proceeded to shave my arm pits. Kylee's reaction: Holy mom your armpits are disgusting! Me: Why? Kylee: cause it's like black in there and that is just holy gross!
-Mom how come some peoples are are fat? That is just not healthy.
-Mom is there another baby in your tummy or is you just fat?

Leave it to my daughter to be brutally honest about anything. She sure doesn't hold back. She'll give it to you straight even when you don't want it!
I find when she's in trouble lately, that is when the funny things flow. And by writing them down the past few days, it sure has kept me from loosing my temper, like I normally would seeing I'm an Oberg and all! I'm sure I'm leaving out some good ones, but this is it for now. Tune in next time for more precious words out of the mouths of babes!

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The Ellis Fam said...

Mark and I still remember her a couple of years ago saying, "I like your Shit." Me, "What did you just say?" Kylee, "I like your shit, it's pretty", then she proceeds to stroke my shirt. Still so funny. Got to love when kids don't say all their sounds.